♣ Kat Von D ♣

“Katherine von Drachenberg was born on March 8, 1982 in Monterey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.
She was just 14 when she got her first tattoo, an old English “J” on her ankle. It wasn’t long before Kat realized her natural artistic ability and picked up a tattoo machine herself. Her first effort was a Misfits skull.
Kat began working at Sin City Tattoo, her first professional shop, in 1998. Throughout the next few years she moved around to several other shops, gaining experience and perfecting her art, before finally settling at True Tattoo in Los Angeles. That is where Kat can be found today, working alongside her husband (now ex-husband) and fellow tattoo artist Oliver Peck.
In addition to her love for the art of tattooing, she is also a fan of Beethoven, and has several tattoos dedicated to or inspired by him.
Kat resides in Los Angeles and has opened up her own tattoo shop which is featured in the new series, “LA Ink.”


I like in Kat Von D absolutely everything! I think she is really an amazing person! She’s not afraid to be herself! And her tattoos are fantastic! But the thing i love about Kat the most is that she uses her fame( in good meaning of this word) in order to help people who really need help (homeless, sick etc) She helps people for absolutely no reason other than to help! She’s great, i mean all that she does is fascinating!

Not long ago (in december, as far as i remember) Kat Von D setted World Record! For 24 hours she tattooed 400 people!!! Unbelievable! She was awake for 24 hours…it’s hard enough to stay awake, completely sober, with a camera in your face and try and make everyones tattoo experience a positive one.

The idea of Kat was not only to set the World Record, but also to bring people together, all for good cause/reason….

The tattoos cost 20 $, and every 20 saved about 10 000 kids from going blind..isn’t she SAINT??

Kat Von D wasn’t trying to gain from this financially and there was no level of fame she was trying to achieve, it was all about trying to help another human!



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3 responses to “♣ Kat Von D ♣

  1. astartavesta

    Wow, that looks brave and . . beautiful. Those people who really love what they do is really happy ones.

  2. Mika

    oh… is think that it little crazy.. But i like it))

  3. Zika

    hey..I Like Kat!)) she’s amazing))
    her tattoos very cool…but i think they look good only on her)))

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