♥ Alyssa Milano ♥

If you were a fan of “Charmed” series as me, then you probably noticed Alyssa Milano’s tattoo. For those of  you who don’t know what i’m talking writing about, i will explain in brief.

Charmed is the story of the three Halliwell sisters, Prue, Piper and Phoebe (after death of Prue, Piper and Phoebe will find that they have another sister-Paige), discovering that they are the world’s most powerful good witches, The Charmed Ones; each gifted with innate magical powers they must collectively use to defend the “innocents” of San Francisco from demons, warlocks and other evil beings.

The charachter of Alyssa Milano is Phoebe Halliwell, not the strongest witch, but still my favourite)) The idea of doing a tattoo came to me when i saw Alyssa Milanos’ tattoos in Charmed…i just loved them(maybe because i really adore Alyssa?), but after that i realised that i really, really want a tattoo)

Here are her tattoos:



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10 responses to “♥ Alyssa Milano ♥

  1. kamila

    Oooh!Tattoos! I’ve had a great pleasure – very interesting web blog! You have mentioned very captivating and actual topic nowadays – tattooes! I have received a lot of useful information about tattooes! Well done! Very cheerful and light blog

  2. anar4ik

    thanx a LOT)

  3. Mika

    Yes she is beautiful…))
    and all her tattoos are great))

  4. anar4ik

    it seems to me, that all here are fans of “charmed”) lol

  5. Zika

    OMG…the fans of Charmed…is…EVERYWHERE…)))

  6. anar4ik


    we’ll rule the world))

  7. Zika

    u scare me…)

  8. I love Charmed! I have the entire series at home :). And she is part of the reason why I want a tattoo.. but I thought she had one on her lower back? (can’t seem to find a picture of it)?

  9. halle

    Ikno , she my fav charcter in charms to

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