Taking Care Of a Tattoo

It finally happened-you get your tattoo, so what’s next? Next step in getting a tattoo is — taking care of the tattoo properly. Maybe it’s not the most intresting part, but after all the most important!Make sure you follow all of the instructions the studio/ tattoo master gives you for caring for your tattoo until it fully heals. If you see or feel pain, spreading redness, swelling, or drainage of pus…OMG! these are signs of infection! Immediately call your doctor or go to the hospital!

Here are some instructions that my tattoo master gave me, i guess they’re appropriate for all:

  • Before cleaning your tattoo, wash hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and water.
  • Before bed, carefully remove the bandage.
  • Use an antibacterial soap and water, gently rub the area to remove all residue and dried up blood. DO NOT scrub the tattoo!! Rinse and PAT (do not rub) dry with a clean towel or cloth.
  • Apply fresh bandage.  Continue cleaning tattoo and applying a fresh bandage twice a day for two days.
  • Then, switch to a mild, unscented hand lotion. Apply lotion 2 times a day. Be careful not to accidentally rub off any dry skin when applying lotion.
  • Healing time differs but is usually between 7-14 days. The tattoo will flake and peel much like a sunburn while it heals. This is normal. Do not pick the tattoo!! Some people find that after the flakes have fallen off, an opaque film may be left that hides some of the color in your tattoo. This film is the new skin growing over the tattoo and it should clear up in a few weeks.
  • While your tattoo is healing it is highly recommended to wear loose fitting clothing as to not damage the tattoo.
  • Showers are ok, but for two weeks, avoid direct sun exposure, swimming, soaking in a tub, sauna or steam bath.
  • After the tattoo is completely healed; when out in the sun, always put a SPF 30 to 50 sun block over the tattoo to keep colors bright and to prolong the life of your tattoo.
  • Itching is to be expected while healing, DO NOT SCRATCH OR PICK THE TATTOO!


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2 responses to “Taking Care Of a Tattoo

  1. Frederick

    Everyone always asks, “Did it hurt?” I don’t know whether it’s better to say, “No, silly!” or “Of course! That’s the point!”

  2. A lot of people use some sort of cream after a tattoo: I’ve heard Vaseline (this is baaad), nappy rash cream, savlon etc.

    I just used Emu Oil from http://www.emu-oil-well.com for my last tattoo (Stars on my back – inventive, yeah, I know.) It’s fairly big but healed in about five days. Something to do with the fact that emu oil promotes new skin growth and moisturises. Makes the tattoo all bold and bright. Love the stuff.

    Great article though

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